Brinver has always been committed in protecting the environment and its employees health & safety through policies and effective, efficient procedures.

Aqueous products are currently used, in order to maintain the environmental impact to a sustainable level.

For this purpose it has been made a big investment for adopting a new system of post-combustion: it’s a S.O.V. treatment plant by pre-concentration and subsequent thermal regenerative combustion, with the aim to reduce solvent and purify the emissions into the atmosphere.

Enviromental Policy

An Environmental Management System can’t exclude attention and care of the environment in which the organization operates.

BRINVER intended to put maximum effort into all aspects of its business that somehow affect or may affect the environment, aiming to maintain a natural balance of all environmental factors, to improve the quality of life and to prevent any kind of pollution.

With these principles, concerning the aspects listed below, BRINVER during the course of its activities will:

Laws and Regulations:

  • Abiding by the European Regulations and Laws, national and local regulations on the environment, considering the starting point to launch improvement actions on an ongoing basis;
  • Ensuring cooperation and collaboration with public institutions, in order to ensure sustainable development.


  • Using products that tend to a constant improvement of the environmental compatibility, ensuring a continuous and reduced, as far as possible, environmental impact;
  • Using of supply processes, aimed at optimizing the energy consumption of required equipment and facilities.


  • communicating its commitment and the necessary information to understand the environmental impact of business activities within the organization, in an atmosphere of transparency and cooperation with the entire staff, pursuing an open and constructive dialogue;
  • promoting the adoption of procedures and operational procedures, necessary for the prevention of accidents and environmental emergencies through the constant cooperation of the staff;
  • promoting the employees commitment at all levels in order to protect and respect the environment, with information and training programs;
  • communicating and make available the Environmental Policy with its basics, to all external stakeholders.

Prevention and Reduction:

  • evaluating the use of products that ensure a better environment;
  • supporting and underpinning a program of consumption rationalization of natural and energy resources, encouraging green purchasing policies;
  • preventing and reducing pollution subject to generated environmental aspects by implementing the provisions from the maintenance’s plans and increasing the waste-management of sent for recycling rather than waste-disposal.


  • involving their suppliers in promoting and implementing processes in line with the criteria of this policy.


  • ensuring the implementation of a plan of internal audits in order to constantly monitor the correct implementation of the Environmental Management System;
  • keeping a systematic review running and monitoring of data analysis, with regard to environmental aspects.

In order to give visibility to the above-mentioned concepts, BRINVER believes that the management and maintenance of an environmental management system complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001 can be the tool to achieve the objectives that the The General Management supports.