The Company

Brinver was founded in 1986 as industrial painting company in liquid paint and powder coating for metal parts.

Thanks to its competence and to the continuous improvement, in 2000 the Company inaugurated the new plant that cover an area of 4000 m2   divided in production zone and warehouse, plus 600 m2 of business offices.

Since 2008 the managing body has changed: ever since the steady growth, the exponential increase in work volumes and the productives solutions lead to the installation of a new coating line in 2012.

Since 2014 Brinver has incorporated the sandblasting treatment, by means of a shoot-blasting machine which is specific for inox-surface finishing and lately a brand new sandblast cabinet with a direct pressure unit for metal surfaces treatments.

The experience and the 30-year know-how have allowed Brinver to become an important reference in the Italian market of high quality in the automotive and motorcycle brake systems and painting alloy wheels in forged aluminum and magnesium, as well as the painting of parts of the railway sector and lighting.

Nowadays Brinver has over 100 employees and is a leader in high-performance coating technology for the automotive and industrial industries, fully committed to guarantee products of premium quality.

Our Philosophy

The plant in Brignano Gera d’Adda is an important player in terms of production capacity. Here is located the “beating heart” of Brinver, which is constantly working to develop innovative technologies, allowing the company to keep high the quality-performance.

In the plant, from 1986 to date, the process continues to develop innovative cycles for the industrial painting of metal components for third parties. Through specific processes of preparation of the support, with the employment of sand-blasting and washing, painting, screen printing, final inspection and sanding Brinver has distinguished itself, reaching a high specialization in particular for automotive / motorcycle quality, rail and lighting.

Production-cycles allow the realization of painted layers at a high level quality and performance. The products used for the coating are carefully selected, responding to the physical-mechanical characteristics required by each customer.

Brinver is the ideal partner to offer, as well as a quality product, support and services for the development of new processes, customized according to the specific customer requirements.

Working with Brinver means having the right strategy to deal with the new challenges on the market, finding the best solutions to grow, building a trustworthy partnership.



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