Brinver always cooperates with the major manufacturers in the automotive market. With its innovative products, such as primers, clear-coats, topcoat, and thanks to coating technologies our company is able to offer a wide-ranging know-how, which allows it to work with all the major automotive companies.

The deep knowledge of the technologies and coating products, the presence of a facility dedicated to the painting and marking of brake calipers, high aesthetic quality and outstanding performance of the chosen products provide automotive-branch customers with a total assistance services.

Indeed, it’s essential that the products and processes used for these purposes, comply at best to the high expectations of the industry. Thanks to our specialised team of experts, we are able to interface with main top-level customers, offering products that meet the major global industry approvals.

The great experience in the sector has allowed us to transfer all the skills, even with different means, in all other areas where Brinver shines.