The continuous development and products testing for the treatment of surfaces finishes have allowed us to apply ourselves as ideal partner and avant-garde supplier. Together with our suppliers, we have selected the world’s leading manufacturers and blasting solutions available, to ensure our customers a process with excellent results in terms of quality.

Our machines use the best aluminium oxide and the best grits in stainless steel available on the market, with solutions to meet the most varied demands of finishing and surface treatments.

Brinver, in fact, has two machines: a shoot-blasting machine, designed specifically for the machining of stainless steels as minimum contamination of iron powders is required; a sandblast-cabinet, used for the recovery of material already painted or sandblasting of not-stainless material . Both machines are equipped with filters and advanced systems to ensure improved process control blasting.

Granigliatrice automatica

Granigliatrice automatica, progettata ad hoc per le lavorazioni degli acciai inossidabili

Cabina di sabbiatura a mano

Cabina di sabbiatura a mano, utilizzata per il recupero di materiale già verniciato e per materiali grezzi non inossidabili